Master Plus Industrial is suitable for severe installation environments where there is vibration, mechanical stresses or dust and, in general, where the operating conditions are not ideal for the products made for the market standard (different IP protection levels on request). Master Plus Industrial is an on-line double conversion UPS (VFI SS 111 in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3) with a transformer isolated inverter. Master plus has a compact foot print and high quality output to provide the ultimate power protection for industrial applications: industrial processes, petrochemical, power plant, energy etc.


The high short-circuit current (Icc =3 In) makes it suitable for loads that require very high current peaks during the switchingon step or during a change of operating arrangements.


The input transformer and that of the inverter guarantee insulation of the DC side, and therefore of the batteries, which are sized for the 220 Vdc voltage (from 108 to 114 elements), now the widely recognized standard throughout industry.


Special care has been given to the 100% redundant ventilation, which guarantees operation at nominal load with half of the fans working; in addition, each fan is controlled in such a way that an alarm signal is emitted in case of a breakdown and/or failure.


Master Plus Industrial technology removes the problems of over sizing upstream power sources, whilst improving load power factors and current harmonics. The UPS features the latest input current absorption techniques including progressive rectifier start-up and the option to reduce battery charging currents. These features make Master Plus Industrial one of the most generator compatible and environmentally friendly UPS available.


Traditionally, when a mains supply is present the UPS charges its batteries. Battery power is used for the inverter should the input supply fail. Efficient battery management and care is therefore essential to the overall performance of the UPS in an emergency. The Master Plus Industrial Battery Care System consists of a range of features designed to provide optimum performance and enhanced operating life:

  • Dual level charging regime to optimise recharge currents and lower recharge times
  • Temperature compensation and deep discharge protection to reduce overall battery aging
  • Charge blocking system to reduce electrolyte consumption and lengthen the life of VRLA batteries
  • Predictive battery testing to spot potential battery deterioration and failure

Master Plus is also compatible with different battery technologies:
open-vase lead acid and AGM and Gel VRLA, NiCd